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spiders and cats !
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1. Lullaby:What's your greatest fear?
2. Pictures Of You :Post a picture of yourself.
3. Boys Don't Cry:When was the last time you cried and why?
4. A Forest:Did you ever get lost ( in a forest/city/etc.)?
5. Lovesong:Favourite The Cure song?
6. Want:What do you desire most at the moment?
7. The End Of The World:What would you do if the world would end tomorrow?
8. Wrong Number:Have you ever recived/ made a prank call?
9. Fear Of Ghosts:Do you believe/ Are you afraid of ghosts?
10. Dressing Up:(As what/who) would you like to dress up?
11. Never Enough:Something you can't get enough of?
12. Why Can't I Be You:Who would you like to be?
13. Gone!:What do you do to cheer yourself up?
14. Prayers For Rain:Do you prefer rainy or sunny days?
15. Siamese Twin:Would you like to have a twin?
16. The Baby Screams:Would you like to have children someday?
17. The Dream:What did you dream last night?
18. The Promise:A promise you broke?
19. Jumping Someone Else's Train:Something that makes you unique?
20. Snow In Summer:What's your favourite season?
21. Subway Song:Have you ever experienced something special/frightening/ interesting on a train?
22. 10:15 Saturday Night: What do you like to do on saturday evenings?
23. The Lovecats:DO YOU LIKE CATS?
(feel free to ask/add/change/correct questions)


I’ve gotten a lot of sun recently so I look all healthy now. This is horrible.

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